Sunrise e-Bikes
We specialize in the design of Best-Of-Class Fun Electric Bikes

3x Farther

Did you know that Electric Bike owners will rider their e-bikes three times farther than their conventional bikes?

3x More Often

Did you know that Electric Bike owners will ride their e-bikes three times more often than their conventional bike?

3x More Fun

Electric Bikes are way more fun to ride! Plan your next adventure around your new Sunrise e-Bike. You will be glad you did.Get out there!

Hero Electric Bike

Hero is a very fun bike that anyone can ride. We have built this one with the most trusted and reliable motor used on electric bikes today. We also added suspension and a long-running battery. Get out there and have some fun!

Available Colors: Red, White, Blue

Thunder Electric Bike

The first step up in our higher performance fun line, plus we start piling on the components. Grab your lunch, grab your friends and go on a big adventure. Get on that back country trail and go farther than ever.

Available Colors: Black

Explorer Electric Bike

Take this bike exploring with its 750 watt motor and 48v 13 Ah battery. It has seatpost suspension along with a front suspension Mozo fork.

Available Colors: Black, Gray, Green, Camouflage

Lightning Electric Bike

The biggest, baddest bike we make, 1000 watt Bafang geared motor, Samsung 48v 17.5 Ah battery. This bike is waiting for you to take it somewhere. It won’t be the bike holding you back.

Available Colors: Black, Gray

Monarch Folding Electric Bike

With plenty of power, this folding step-through e-bike is easy to ride. This is your best choice if an e-bike rack is not an option. Monarch easily folds to put in your trunk or back seat.

Available Colors: Yellow, Green, Red

Hornet Folding Electric Bike

Take the scenic route with the 750 watt motor and 48v 13ah battery. Built with a Promax Suspension Seatpost along with suspension in the front fork, this bike provides the most comfortable ride. Hornet easily folds to carry in your trunk or back seat.

Available Colors: Black, Gray, Camouflage

Moonlight Electric Bike

Available Colors: White, Pink

Shadow Electric Bike

Available Colors: Black, White

Top Gun Electric Bike

Available Colors: Black

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